Payment Methods?

We take PayPal as our main vendor, however, you can also use a credit or debt card if you do not have a PayPal account by checking out as a guest via PayPal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase an item for someone else?

Yes, simply click the purchase item button as normal, in the window presented to you there is an option to add a SteamID to make your purchase a gift to another user. Make sure they have at least logged into our store once.

Do we accept credit cards?

Yes, we do. No matter where you're from you can use a credit card at the check out via PayPal, please do note however if you have not got a PayPal account it can take up to 7 days and your package will not be assigned to you until payment is complete.

Do we offer refunds?

All payments are final and are not refundable. Please be sure you do not make a mistake when purchasing an item. Please also make sure to read our: